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Work-related problems for persons with developmental disabilities might be resolved when an evidence-based support will be provided both by the families and care professionals.

Supportive Employment

This program focuses on group (enclave) as well as individual job placements in a variety of work settings throughout the community. Opportunities in this area are as broad as the different types of jobs found throughout the community. Work is the main focus of many of the services we offer at. BSA’s Training Center. We are here to help you find the right job and help you keep it.

There are many resources regarding work. Our training center have computers with internet access that will allow you to see what jobs are in your area.

Our employment professionals are experience and knowledgeable regarding job listings and available resources in the community.

Individuals are paid for work performed while on the site no matter how much or how little is completed. However, if an individual chooses not to work, he/she will not be paid for the period of time not worked.

If individual, obtain employment while participating in work program he/she may accept decline any job offer.

BSA will provide transportation to and from job sites within the surrounding area. (Center hours only).

Prevocational and Community Access Services For persons who may not yet be ready to join the work force our training center will continue to provide life skills supports to assist individuals to reach his/her potentials through varies teaching tools and techniques that will enhance his/her living skills.

We are here to meet your individual needs with a variety of employment and educational opportunities and providing the supports necessary for your success.

The primary focus is the development of good work habits and skills. We focus mainly on quality of life, recreational, socialization, and skill building.

GED program BSA instructors will provide supports to individuals who desire to obtain his/her GED certification by providing tutoring services and transportation to and from GED training site. (Center hours only).

Community Collaboration BSA collaborates with varies recreational facilities within the community.

All of the people who work at BSA Training Center are here to assist you in growing, reaching, and becoming more successful in achieving your dreams.

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